Juris Tuesday Topic Videos


Juris Tuesday Topic Q1 Webinar: Timekeeper Budgets in Juris and Juris Suite

Juris Tuesday Topic Q2 Webinar: LawPay for Juris 4+ Setup

Juris 4.2 New Features Webinar


Juris Tuesday Topic Q4 Webinar: 2023 Form 1099 Update
Using Journal Entry and Voucher Template

Month-end closing best practices including financial calendar

The Advantages of Juris Suite Client Matter Inquiry


2022 Form 1099 Update

Juris 3.0+ Suite Reporting

Client Matter Intake Module – Streamline Adding Clients and Matters to Juris

Streamline Client AR and Trust Credit Card Payments


2021 Form 1099 Update
Upgrading Juris Software – Preparation is Key

Juris Billing – Emailing Bills in Juris 3.1 

Juris Bank Reconciliation Best Practices  


Applying Discounts 101  

How to Best Answer Quick Questions
from Your Attorney

Office Hours with Juris Professional Services Consultants

2020 Form 1099 Update  

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