What You Need to Know about a Forgotten Feature in Juris

September 15, 2016

feature in juris
“Where can I find information, access it and report on it?” According to LexisNexis Juris Business Development Manager, Kendra Gebhart, she often hears this question from Juris users and one simple answer comes to mind— the Juris notecards feature.

She offered this tip during a recent virtual Juris User Group webinar. According to Ms. Gebhart, the notecards feature, which is often “a forgotten feature” within the Juris software, enables users to capture and hold multiple pieces information on a number of different clients, matters and vendors.

“I can go into a client and on top of the screen, I can add a notecard and give it a name and suddenly I have a conflict note card” says Ms. Gebhart.

The Client or Matter “Conflicts” notecard feature, she adds, is useful for saving and documenting all parties associated with a matter. She used the example of a family law practice attorney in need of saving the name of a child or a grandchild associated with a matter and using the feature to save the information to the matter so it can be easily recalled in the future. This information, she says, can be found either via an inquiry or via a conflict search in the Juris software. As an added bonus, users of the Juris Suite Time and Expense have the ability to have it highlighted automatically when pulling up the information, making it very easy to view and sort the details.

Conflict note cards, she adds, can be used for many things that may otherwise not have a designated place in the system. Text codes, she adds, can be used to create note card prompts for information that needs to be gathered for relevant practice areas. In addition, users of the Juris software can link files and documents to note cards either by allowing the notecard to insert a link, or allowing it to attach an object or file, such as a PowerPoint presentation, to the notecard.

“It can hold a lot of information that otherwise you’d look to another database to hold,” adds Ms. Gebhart.

On top of providing Juris User Group participants with a refresher about how to get the most out of the notecards  “forgotten feature,” she says, the goal of future Juris User Groups is to reach more users to learn not just about what the software is doing right, but also learn about areas in which it can be improved.

During the discussion, Director of Product Management for LexisNexis Business of Law and Litigation Solutions, Tate Davis, explained that the future roadmap for the Juris software centers on improving the overall customer experience to ensure the software helps users do their jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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