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Juris Professional Services Plan

Solve your firm’s most significant challenges and expedite decision-making with a LexisNexis® Juris® Professional Services Plan. Whatever the challenges you face, our experienced team of Juris software and industry experts will take the time to understand your organization and develop creative solutions to streamline processes and simplify day-to-day tasks.

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About Juris Suite

Juris Suite is designed to help firms conduct business beyond the day-to-day transactions and monthly billing. It is a practice management tool that helps law firm leadership manage the business of law and maximize profitability.

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Juris Suite Time & Expense

Time & Expense is a popular module in the Juris Suite platform that allows professionals and their support staff to easily submit compliant time and ensure relevant information is captured—all while you monitor and maximize team productivity from a convenient application.

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Juris Suite Collections

Juris Suite Collections turns the average, lengthy collections process into a quicker and more efficient process that helps protect your firm’s profitability and reduces the time that staff spends on collections activities.

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Juris Suite Budgeting Module

The Juris Suite Budgeting module provides law firms with industry-leading tools needed to move beyond spreadsheets, automate their budgeting and reporting processes, and manage the business side of their practice.

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