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“They helped us increase the efficiency of billing. Now bills go out earlier than they did before, and the time descriptions include more information. And, of course, the earlier the bills go out, the quicker we get paid.”

Anne Larsson
Firm Administrator, Larsson & Scheuritzel

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Ability to keep up with time worked, billed, as well as client fees and costs as well as reliable conflict check system all in one place with accurate calculations and accounting. Love the way Juris also gives information for time worked by partner, associate or attorney. This software is the easiest one I have ever used and provided all of the perks and necessities along with it!

Shannon C.
Paralegal/Owner, Legal Services
Review from G2 (5 out 5)

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“LexisNexis Juris is well suited for our firm because of the case management integration (Time Matters). The ability to keep track of your time within a specific case without having to switch between applications is a huge timesaver.”

Natalia Kollmann
eDiscovery Manager, Richardson Plowden & Robinson
Review from Trustradius (8 out 10)

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