Ignoring Software Updates? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t…

March 4, 2021

Ignoring Software Updates

We get it. Updating your software just isn’t high on the priority list. You see the red dot attached to your mobile app that indicates an update is available. A pop-up appears on your computer screen that the new version of your software is ready to install. You get an email that the latest version of your software has been released with amazing new features. This is what can happen:

Annoying POP-UPS.
Frustratingly SLOW.

We often ignore update notices because our software continues to work just fine. At least that’s the way it seems. But the truth is, by ignoring updates, we put our software and data in danger. In fact, most data breaches and hacks are related to outdated software. Remember when the ultra-secure credit agency Equifax got hacked? Actually, the company is very secure. But there was an update for their software that hadn’t been installed, which left the company vulnerable to viruses and hackers.

Here’s a quick but very important overview of why you should keep your software and apps up to date.

Maintain Security
While it appears that your software is working correctly, missing an update leaves it vulnerable to malware and viruses. As part of updates, programmers include security patches that protect against these intrusions. But without these patches, you may start to see pop-ups, be redirected to different web pages than the one you are trying to access, have spyware installed on your device without knowing it, or your app may crash each time you try to open it.

Protect Data
Installing the latest updates also helps keep your software in synch with the latest technology that’s designed to be more secure. For example, LexisNexis® Juris® 3.0 is built on technology actively supported by Microsoft®, which means your software will be compatible with new versions and updates of Windows and SQL server. Without the proper updates installed that include the latest security, your data could be in danger. Outdated software and apps are vulnerable to spyware; hackers could gain access to sensitive data or you could lose data if your device gets infected with a virus.

Ensure Compatibility
One of the reasons why it’s easy to ignore updates is that our software and apps appear to work normally—even without some updates. So why go through the effort? Because appearances can be deceiving, and your software probably isn’t working the way it should. Eventually, features start to become sluggish and after some time may stop working altogether.

Also, as your computer or mobile device’s operating system goes through periodic updates, if you don’t update your software, then compatibility issues may affect the performance of your app. In fact, it can get so bad, that your app or program stops opening (crashes) until you update it.

As smart and advanced as technology has become, it’s not perfect. Often times, updates fix bugs in our software that ensure features work properly and that the software stays compatible with other apps, third-party software, or even your overall operating system. In addition, as mentioned above, you’ll want to make sure your software is always updated so it’s compatible with the latest technology and security features.

Updating your software keeps it running at peak performance with full compatibility.

Enhanced Features
The most obvious reason to update software is taking advantage of new features that make your software or app more user-friendly. If you use your software for work, updates can help make your day-to-day operations easier and more efficient, add more functions, reduce the number of clicks between operations, and boost speed and performance—any number of items that are designed to add convenience to your job.

Update Effortlessly
If you have paid-for software or an app for work, then updating should be effortless. With help from your IT department or the software support team, you won’t have to go through any complicated steps or dive into technological details. Simply email your IT department or call the customer support line for the brand of software you’re using. There are no reasons to wait and plenty of reasons to update today.

Have you updated to Juris 3.0 or Juris 3.1 yet? If you haven’t updated to at least Juris 3.0, please contact your Juris Professional Services team via email at JPS@lexisnexis.com as soon as possible to avoid compatibility issues and software interruption. Our team will make updating simple and easy.


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