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Juris Go now has the
Expense Capture feature

No more trying to keep up with paper copies of receipts. No more having to manually correlate on-the-go expenses to clients and matters. The newest version of LexisNexis® Juris® Go now has the Expense Capture feature that lets you digitally capture receipts and link them to clients and matters in Juris. Simply snap, tap, and capture receipts, and each receipt becomes an expense attachment within Juris.

Entering expenses in Juris Go will be quick and easy with existing features such as:

  • Voice-to-text
  • Full-screen narrative box
  • Automatic spelling correction

The Expense Capture feature is compatible with Juris version 2.61 and higher. Make sure you have the latest version of Juris and Juris Go. Contact your Juris support team today.

Why Juris 3?

Designed to improve efficiency in the areas that impact your firm the most, Juris 3 delivers time, billing, analytics, and accounting software to help you optimize productivity and profitability.

Built as the starting point for a new generation of Juris software, Juris 3 is enhanced with LawPay® for Juris® integration for improved collections and e-Billing, along with reporting capabilities to make informed business decisions that are based on easily accessed data.

Key Benefits of Juris 3 and LawPay for Juris Integration

  • Save up to 17% on processing costs
  • Cut time managing and processing payments by half
  • Give clients easy payment options, including a link via email


    Key Benefits of Juris 3 Reporting

    • Find the right report quicker and easier
    • View reports with more parameters, grouping levels, timekeeper options, search options, and more
    • Export Microsoft® Excel® reports formatted for printing and viewing

    Even More Benefits of Juris 3

    • Work seamlessly with over 100 usability enhancements
    • Email templates allow you to include text when using the Export and Email Bill feature
    • View client email addresses in Client/Matter Inquiry
    • LEDES format via Export Billing


    We encourage you to upgrade to Juris 3.2. Our latest technology is fully supported by Microsoft®—upgrading ensures that your Juris software is compatible with new versions and updates of Microsoft® and SQL Server®.

    -Juris User Group

    We invite you to participate in the Virtual Juris User Group meeting on a date that works best for you. You’ll hear from law firm colleagues, market experts, and product specialists covering a range of industry topics. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask our Juris Professional Services Consultant any specific product questions.

    • Thursday, February 24 | 10:30 am – 12:00 nn CT
    • Thursday, March 24 | 10:30 am – 12:00 nn CT
    • Thursday, April 21 | 10:30 am – 12:00 nn CT
    • Thursday, May 26 | 10:30 am – 12:00 nn CT

    -LawPay® for Juris® 3

    Juris and AffiniPay have partnered up to offer integrated LawPay for Juris 3, making it simpler and easier for Juris firms to improve their A/R and Trust processes and reduce the hassle of manual processing.

    Benefits of LawPay for Juris 3

    • Drive payments faster – Make it easier for clients to pay
    • Streamline the posting of cash receipts – Automate reconciliation
    • IOLTA account – Trust deposits synched to matter and IOLTA account
    • Process payments securely – Encrypts sensitive data

    To learn more about LawPay for Juris 3, download the infographics below and connect with our Juris Professional Services team.


    “She believed she could. So, she did!”

    — Tameka Bryant, Senior Customer Systems Engineer

    Tameka has been with LexisNexis for almost 10 years now; finding solutions and resolutions for complex Juris issues motivates her. She is always up for the challenge! LexisNexis encourages employees to volunteer for worthy causes and creates an environment that allows time off to be of service to the community. She enjoys collaborative and diverse energy within the overall company.

    Juris 3.2

    Juris 3.2 continues to improve the quality and usability of the software with enhancements that further streamline the online payments feature. The new direct export of bills to a LEDES 1998B format reduces the steps required for users to complete critical billing and accounts receivable tasks and resolves over 40 reported issues.

    Look for these new enhancements in Juris 3.2:

    • Streamline the setup and workflow of Client Payments and Trust Payments
    • Save date selections for WIP Transfer and Void Check
    • Export bill information into a LEDES 1998B format
    • Access new Juris Suite reports that include user, team, and group information
    • Solve software challenges based on customer feedback
    Step up to the latest version of LexisNexis® Juris® and Juris Suite and make sure to follow these four easy steps before installing:
    1. If Online Payments is enabled, go to Get ClientPay® Receipts within Cash Receipts and grab the latest payments and post the batch(es).
    2. After posting the cash receipt batch(es) from Online Payments, click Refresh All Balances (Billing > Online Payments) before updating to Juris 3.2.
    3. Perform a complete backup of your data files and documents used with Juris.
    4. Close Juris and open all applications on your computer.

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