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What is the best way to get Prebills to timekeepers and get the edits back remotely?

Juris can print your Prebills to PDF. We recommend selecting them by timekeeper, client, or matter and printing them in organized batches. You can then email the PDFs and attorneys can use PDF readers to add notes and edits directly in the file.

Also see Three Tools for Ensuring Continuity of Business When Your Firm Goes Remote

Can I host Juris in the Cloud?

Yes. Many firms host Juris with a third-party hosting company and access it through Remote Desktop or other terminal server applications. With this configuration, you can access Juris from virtually any machine.

You have many options. You can engage a local IT company. There are national hosting companies such as Uptime Legal Systems and ProCirrus that specialize in hosting firm management software and will configure and support the software for you. Microsoft® Azure® and Amazon AWS are also alternatives, but you need to install and configure the software yourself.

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Why 2.8.6

With LexisNexis® Juris® 2.8.6, your legal department or law firm can count on our latest version of Juris to be the most stable, reliable, and performance-driven version yet. Upgrading to Juris 2.8.6 will ensure that you can conduct business, respond to inquiries, and process bills better than ever.

Some key enhancements include:

  • Improved billing cycle efficiency with new prebill selection engine
  • Improved login for non-admin users
  • Ability to email bills and reports with Outlook® open
  • Usability enhancements ranging from user interface improvements to accounting accuracy to error resolutions

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5 Steps to Improve Workflows

Law firms are looking for ways to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and hold on to their clients by providing better value. Billing is often a struggle for firms and clients alike. By re-evaluating the tools and workflows to track time, bill clients, and collect payments, you can accomplish all three goals.

Follow these five steps from an article authored by Scott Wallingford, Vice President and General Manager of LexisNexis Law Firm Software Solutions, 5 Steps Firms Can Take to Improve Timekeeping and Billing Workflows, to quickly identify where timekeeping and billing workflow problems exist—and how to fix them.

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Juris | ClientPay Partnership

The Juris team is proud to announce that we have chosen ClientPay®, an award-winning cloud-based payment solution, as our partner in streamlining client payments via credit cards and ACH. ClientPay not only makes it easy to receive and process payments from clients, users save 17% on processing fees and spend 50% less time on payment management.

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WFH Checklist

We’re very happy to see that more and more people are choosing to work from home. There is nothing more important than staying safe and keeping healthy. But that doesn’t mean your business has to stop or become more complicated. To help with this transition, the Juris team has put together an infographic, Your Juris Work-From-Home Checklist—great for working from the office, at home, or on the go.

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“Make sure you take time for yourself to decompress during these challenging times.”

— Chantal Williams, Assistant Marketing Manager, Juris

Chantal is responsible for planning and supervising marketing operations. She joined the Juris team in 2019 and has since helped in the development of marketing programs and criteria to achieve sales goals. Prior to joining LexisNexis, Chantal was a Marketing Coordinator for a prominent Securities law firm in midtown Manhattan. She received her bachelor’s degree in Communications from Alfred University and a master’s degree in Communications from the New York Institute of Technology.

Juris Go

Juris Go mobile app makes timekeeping even more simple and effortless, giving timekeepers the right tools to enter complete and better timekeeping, more accurate billing, and maximized profitability for your firm.

Accurately record time. Never miss out on billable hours. Sign up today for your complimentary 30-day trial.

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-Flexible Workflow
Toggle features like remember last client/matter, create new entry upon save

spell check icon red -Spell Check
Ensure billing details are correct and professional quality

history icon red -History
Browse history by day or search by date range, status, and client/matter

running tally of hours icon red -Running Tally of Hours
Display number of recorded hours per day, determine billable hours per client/matter

biometric id support icon red -Biometric ID Support
Log in securely using Apple Touch & Face ID or Android Fingerprint Recognition Juris Go section

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