Juris Suite

Advanced tools to improve firm performance

Juris Suite is an add-on to Juris that is designed to help your entire firm conduct business beyond the day-to-day transactions and monthly billing.

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A tool for entering time and expense, performing conflict inquiries, viewing client history, and productivity reports.

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Reports and dashboards that deliver real-time data on-demand to help make better informed business decisions.

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Financial Staff

Tools for budgeting and collections to streamline processes and minimize outstanding receivables

We tailor Juris Suite to your needs by offering five modules, each with a specific purpose.

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Time & Expense

The most popular module and is widely used to help timekeepers or their staff enter time and expenses.

It includes a dashboard that shows a timekeeper where they stand for each day. It also includes a Client/Matter Inquiry area that is used to view history for any client and/or matter.


Includes hundreds of reports for financials, audits, productivity, system maintenance, and more.

At the click of a button firm leaders have a real-time view of timekeeper productivity, client/matter status, and other financial indicators enabling more informed business decisions.

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Track budgets on the ledger, matter, or timekeeper level.

This module allows you to create or import budgets so you can make projections, judge profitability, control costs, and monitor timekeeper productivity.

Business Intelligence

Monitor cash flow, workload, and productivity on a customizable dashboard.

Help increase partner income with alerts, key performance indicators, charts, and more delivering real time relevant information tailored for each individual at the firm when they need it.

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Control your collections by viewing collection status by firm, client, or matter and managing email/mail communications.

Collections is a single solution that uses the firm’s accounting data to track and report outstanding balances, and also manages collections communications.

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Top 5 Juris Features

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Want to Track
Time On The Go?

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Juris Calendar

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