Now that Juris® 4.0 is here, it’s time to upgrade software for compatibility, security and performance. Understandably, updating software is not a high priority; however, when you continue to ignore email and pop-up reminders that a new version is available, eventually, your system slows, glitches and then crashes. With a crash, you lose data, time, efficiency, and suffer a whole lot of headaches. User error can be avoided! Hackers stand in the wings for every little invitation to cross the threshold. When software updates get ignored, your law firm is vulnerable to malware, viruses, hackers, and breach.

Remember when Equifax, the uber-secure credit firm, was hacked? Its IT department neglected to install a software update, and that opened the door wide for smart hackers to walk on in. This is commonplace for most companies; outdated software and software updates get pushed to the back burner for more pressing issues until, BOOM, a data breach occurs that could have been avoided.

Reasons Why You Should Always Update Software

Keeping apps and software current helps your law firm function efficiently. More specifically, here are several considerations why updating software is a good idea:

Maintain Security and Stop Hackers
On the front end, it may seem your software functions well, although you’ve been informed an update is pending. At the back end, however, ignoring these updates leaves a crack in the entrance allowing vulnerability to malware and viruses. Programmers in charge of updating software include patches that protect open cracks that allow hackers to jump in. The security patches inhibit spyware, crashes, redirects to spam sites, and viruses.

Be Compatible and Protect Data
Synchronizing your software with the latest, most current version enables security and data protection. For example, LexisNexis® Juris 4.0 relies on and is built with technology supported by Microsoft®. Juris software is certified against the latest Windows and SQL server versions.

Let’s say you do update to Juris 4.0, but you neglect applying the latest Microsoft Windows updates. Essentially, you’re creating an opportunity for viruses and unprotected data due to incompatibility with Windows and SQL server.

New Software Offers Enhanced Features
With every software update comes exciting new features developed by your tech partner. Elsewhere in this newsletter you can read about some of the newest features of Juris 4.0 with over 40 usability resolutions that make the software friendlier for users. Updating to Juris 4.0 makes operations easier and efficient between functions.

Have you updated to Juris 4.0 yet? If you haven’t updated and need assistance, contact Customer Support at 877-377-3740 as soon as possible to avoid incompatibility or software interruption.

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